Mother’s in the circle of

healing and recovering

Surrender to you ~

Who are reading this.

Surrender to you ~

Who are with their children.

Surrender to you ~

Who are without their children.

Surrender to you ~

Who have lost their children to death.

Surrender to you ~


All what is needed is love and compassion……..

Things remain unsaid,
but still stuck in heart and head.

Thoughts take a lot of space,
Deep pain takes over the space for love,

Wanting to say and let the world know,
Why the feeling, that way ?

Emotions struck in heart,

A stronger connection
Than a opinion.

Recognising each other
Than being unaware.

Accepting each other
Than being In a delusion.

Celebrating differences
Than complaining.

Being open minded
Than judgemental.

Allow the deep connections to bloom
Be it couples, parents, friends, relatives, teachers, students any relationship......

I Endeavour to share knowledge of authentic yoga and its profound effects on and off the mat.

I believe -
• In making space for shifts, to live in the moment mindfully.
• In the transformative, healing, rejuvenating, restorative and uplifting powers of yoga.
• My practice has made me grow…

Move to practice the art of pausing.
Pause to practice the art of moving.

A wake up call to pause not because we will get time to think. It's a time taken not to think any thing, so that the wisdom, questions and answers have ample room to surface.

A true connection or just being friendly.

I’m grateful to be a part of an inter-connected world, where we all are just a call away.

But truly are we ?

Sometimes I wonder, this way of being “friendly” with people is "numbing"

A reality check ~
it's easy not to be…

The sun which sets today will rise again tomorrow ~

Each sunset we see; we will never see again.

It’s a beauty when the sun makes its final journey across the horizon.

Although this is the final journey only for the day,

it comes to me with a pinch of…

Our relationship with water is deeper than we think ~

A place where water, sky and earth meet


It inspires, intimidates, creates peace, some instinctual and emotional responses kick in, separate from our cognitive responses or rational thinking.

A repetitive rhythm ~

The shore silently waits ~

Each wave…

Anjali Mudra 🙏🏾

yoga teacher, yoga nidra guide, therapeutic art life coach, councelling practicioner

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