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Astronomy was my favourite subject in which I always scored well. In fact the only subject which I studied with all my heart. The sun, moon, planets, stars, celestial bodies, universe, black hole etc always fascinated me and took me to another space.

Solar eclipse happens when the New Moon moves between Earth and the Sun while a lunar eclipse occurs when Earth casts a shadow on the Full Moon.

Religion lies in the domain of faith in the unknown higher Power.

India is rich in its traditions and culture.
Also Known for its traditional values.

As celestial phenomena, eclipses represent the conflict between good and evil, light and darkness, or gods and demons.

Rishi Durvasa cursed lord Indra to lose all his prosperity. All the lord’s and demons together did samundar manthan to regain it.
Every thing was divided equally among the gods and demons but when the Amrit was suppose to be also divided, Lord Vishnu comes in his Mohini avatar and tells that she will give them equally and all must sit in a line.
The cheating started there because lord Vishnu knew that, if the demons drink the Amrit they will become Immortal.
The demons fell for the beauty of Mohini and drank whatever she gave, which was not Amrit.

Svarbhanu was a demon and figured this out and joined the line of Gods. By the time Mohini who is lord Vishnu itself realised that this is a demon, svarbhanu had consumed a portion of amrit. Soon lord Vishnu comes back in his Avatar and used his Sudarshan chakra to behead him. Since Svarbhanu had consumed the Amrit, the two parts of him became immortal.

Lord Vishnu named them Rahu and Ketu and also gave a boon that he’ll become celestial and would consume moon and sun regularly.

Rahu and Ketu return to avenge Surya and Chandra by swallowing and eventually releasing them.

References to eclipses are found in the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vishnu Puran etc.
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